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Aer-Flo Sports new state-of-the-art facility in Lincoln, Alabama is located on a 22-acre site, the new complex provides Aer-Flo the ability to more than double its physical space in coming years.

Since late 2004, Aer-Flo Sports has introduced an ever-expanding line of revolutionary sports products for baseball, softball, football, soccer, track & field, golf and tennis. Every new Aer-Flo Sports product shares the same unique beginning: Company staff listens to coaches, athletic directors, groundskeepers, facility directors, and teaching professionals. Every Aer-Flo Sports product addresses a need or a shortcoming in existing products as expressed by those who know best. 

In 2021, John Maher, President, and owner of Aer-Flo Sports, in collaboration with GCI, a family office headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, successfully purchased the Aer-Flo Sports division. With a dedicated commitment to this market, they anticipate building upon the business’s success over the past 30 years. Under the leadership of John Maher, Aer-Flo’s outstanding standing in industry sectors, marked by swift turnaround times, extensive inventory, top-notch quality, and a commitment to innovation, has propelled the company to success over the last four decades and will remain a key factor in its continued prosperity.

As of 2023, Aer-Flo Sports products are now manufactured at the company’s new facility in Lincoln, Alabama. The new 100,000 square foot facility uses the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to produce high quality sport field covers, windscreens and sport padding. Each product is feature-rich and displays superior fit-and-finish when compared to conventional products. For these reasons, Aer-Flo Sports products are now used by Major League Baseball, the National Football League, Major League Soccer, and are the Official Tennis Windscreen of the United States Professional Tennis Association.

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