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Why Become an Aer-Flo Dealer?

Did you know that Aer-Flo doesn’t sell factory direct and we only sell through authorized dealers like you?  We can educate and work together with not only you, but also your customers on the many advantages our products have over the competition.

Our Quality Products, Customer Service and Knowledgeable Staff are three key areas that set us apart from our competitors, and in addition to these, here’s several more you may not have known about:

  • We are the Manufacturer, so our pricing to you does not include a Distributor / Middle-Man mark-up.
  • Our Chroma-Bond® Imprinting and Chroma-Bond® Digital Imprinting are far superior to any other printing method available today.
  • Any Phone Calls or E-Mails we receive in-house from End Users, we distribute back to our Dealers.
  • When products are ordered, your Company Name and Contact Information is included on our sewn-in labels.
  • We provide Logo Mock-Ups and CAD Drawings at no additional charge.
  • Our Product Line includes items you can sell YEAR ROUND TO EVERY SPORT.
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