Make your brand noticed.

Whether you want team branding, logos, trademarks, or sponsorship advertising on your padding, our in-house printing processes can make it pop. With attractive graphics, wall padding can serve as much more than a protective barrier between players and injury. Graphic artwork becomes a focal point that showcases your facility and can provide a revenue stream that offsets the cost of the printed pads or mats.

Chroma-Bond® Imprinting

We place your brand on our products using our exclusive Chroma-Bond® Imprinting technology. This is the industry-leading gold standard of imprinting. Our reputation is second to none as we are known for producing thousands upon thousands of sharp, crisp, and lasting multi-color images on our wide range of products. These products are then delivered to teams and venues that house all levels of athletes, from recreational to the professionals.

We introduced Chroma-Bond® in 2006, and the world got to know our thick, individually-applied, double coating process that literally bonds an image into the vinyl. Our team of skilled craftspeople use the latest graphics technology to produce custom imprints that are highly resistant to scuffing, sunlight, and weathering – plus are highly spike, cleat, and racquet resistant. In fact, this imprinting is so remarkably durable that some of the items made when Chroma-Bond® was first introduced are still in use today.

Chroma-Bond® Digital Imprinting

Our digital imprinting is best described as our Chroma Bond® technology taken to the next level – where our technicians do the seemingly impossible. When a particular project is larger than life, meaning it will not fit onto our standard-sided equipment, we turn to the next generation of printing.

Digital imprinting utilizes our latest, state-of-the-art wide-format equipment and the result is unlike any other you have seen. The final digitally-printed product, which often is a large-scale windscreen, displays intricate, lifelike images that are simply not possible to produce with other imprinting processes. Our digital technology enables the design, development, and production to convey an accurate and creative presentation of a team’s brand or a venue’s message. Our digital imprinting enables images and communications to come to life on sports products – products that protect both athletes and the valuable assets found at a sports venue.

One-of-a-kind Hand-painted 

We also have two talented artists on staff that assist in one-of-a-kind hand-painted projects that can be used for a variety of our products.



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