Case Study: Toth’s Sports

Stadium Branding Revamp


One of our customers, a school with a prominent stadium, faced a significant challenge— the backside of their stadium’s new scoreboard was fully exposed, visible to everyone in attendance. The school sought to cover this area and brand it with their school letters and emblem to enhance their stadium’s aesthetics and showcase their identity.


Working closely with Aer-Flo Sports—we were able to collaborate with them to design a custom-sized windscreen specifically tailored to cover the backside of the scoreboard. This innovative approach was a departure from the school’s initial plans of using plywood or painted aluminum signage, both of which were deemed cost-prohibitive. The windscreen option presented a creative and practical solution, thinking “outside the box” to meet the school’s needs effectively.


The windscreen transformed the scoreboard’s backside, branding it with the school’s letters and emblem, enhancing the stadium’s appearance. With the windscreen’s affordability, the school was able to update their branding periodically, refreshing their look in 2020. This collaboration provided a practical solution that left a lasting impact on the school’s facility branding.

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Dealer: Toth’s Sports

Alden High School – Alden, New York


Before photo showing the back of scoreboard fully exposed.



The above image displays a custom-branded windscreen, hiding the previously exposed area.

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