Folding Backstop Pads

Folding Backstop Padding

Our Folding Backstop Padding is a solid choice for facilities seeking practicality and versatility. With its foldable design, easy attachment, and availability in various sizes and colors, it offers convenience and customization. While lacking wood backing, this padding is suitable for non-contact sports like track and field, providing adequate impact absorption without compromising safety.


Vinyl Covering: 18oz./sq. yd. fully COATED vinyl on base fabric scrim of 1,000 denier x 1,300 denier polyester. Fabric meets following tests: Tear Strength Tests: Warp 100 lbs., Fill 100 lbs., Grab Tensile Strength: Warp 410 lbs., Fill 410 lbs., Weft Insertion: 18 x 17. Vinyl compounded with UV inhibitors and mold inhibitors. Cold Crack: Minus 40° F.

Filler Foam: 2” thick polyurethane high impact foam.

Attachment: #2 brass grommets every 12”.

Add Chroma-Bond® or Chroma-Bond® Digital Imprinting for infinite ways to brand pads!

Folding Backstop Pad

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*For up to 45 units. For orders exceeding 45 units, please contact your sales representative or our customer service team for additional information.

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