Closed Mesh Polypropylene Windscreens

Closed Mesh

This high-tech windscreen is a workhorse. It is ideal for a variety of climates and boasts both high wind blockage and high visual blockage properties.  Allowing only 8% wind passage, this screen provides excellent privacy and is treated for UV, mildew, and insect resistance to ensure a long, useful, and durable lifespan.

Polypropylene Windscreen

Grommets are installed all around every 18” through four ply double stitched hemmed edging. Boxed windows & center tie downs are recommended accessories for 9’ size. Available in 6’ and 9’ sizes only, cut to your length.

Fabric Weight: 6.1oz./sq. yd.

Shading: 90% Shading.

Grab Tensile Strength (ASTM S4632): 420 x 225 lbs.

Trapezoid Tensile Strength (ASTM D4533): 125 x 90 lbs.

Sewn Hems: Three-Ply hem with ends and corners sewn and finished with two rows of lock stitched thread.

Thread: High heat bonded polyester with UV inhibitors built into yarn.

Grommets: #2 brass Grommets every 18″.

NOTE: Imprinting is not available on this fabric due to its surface characteristics.




Polypropylene (Closed Mesh) Windscreen Color Availability

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*For up to 10 units. For orders exceeding 10 units, please contact your sales representative or our customer service team for additional information.

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