Stay in the Game, Rain or Shine

baseball pitchers tarp

Equip your customers with the finest in field protection, rain or shine, through our exceptional Wind-Weighted and Non-Weighted Tarps. Crafted from cutting-edge fabrics and fully customizable, these tarps are engineered to safeguard diamonds and facilities from the harshest elements.

Wind Weighted Tarps:

Be the go-to source for industry-favorite tarps utilized at all levels of play, from Little Leagues to Major Leagues. Celebrated for their reliability, these wind weighted tarps anchor securely, delivering comprehensive protection in high winds and challenging weather conditions. No need for stakes, sandbags, or similar items – the inherent weight of the tarp ensures a steadfast hold, irrespective of weather fluctuations.

Non-Weighted Tarps:

Showcase the epitome of versatility and durability with our widely-used Non-Weighted Tarps, a fundamental choice in the baseball industry. Sturdy and resilient, these covers serve as the key to preventing damp weather from interfering with the game. Personalize each tarp with team colors, branding, and messaging for not only effective precipitation protection but also an aesthetically pleasing field.


Don’t miss out on being the trusted supplier for top-tier field protection. Elevate your inventory with our premium tarps.  

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