Increase Safety with Our Exclusive Football Padding Solutions

In the competitive world of football equipment, safety is paramount. As a trusted manufacturer, we understand the importance of providing top-notch solutions that prioritize player safety without compromising performance. Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve partnered with numerous universities, school districts, municipal venues, and NFL teams, delivering exceptional football padding solutions tailored to their […]

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Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Our Diverse Product Range

baseball field wall pads

STADIUM PADS • BACKSTOP PADS • RAIL PADS Since our debut in the sports cover market in 2004, Aer-Flo Sports has been at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering industry-leading products that redefine standards. Our installations, numbering in the thousands, grace facilities at every echelon of baseball – from Little League and High School to […]

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Enhance Safety and School Spirit with Customizable Wall and Stage Pads

Discover our versatile and visually appealing wall pads, providing essential protection for basketball courts, stages, wrestling rooms, gymnastics centers, and play areas. Customizable for your unique needs, these safety pads absorb shock and shield athletes during workouts. Available in standard sizes with optional cutouts, variety of color choices, and easy wall attachment. Constructed with quality […]

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Versatile Padding Solutions

brick wall sport padding

Tailor-made protection for every surface and setting — even for a fake brick wall! Discover one of our most versatile padding products, offering optimal protection for outdoor use on almost any surface. Widely embraced by teams and athletic facilities, this padding adapts to various sports and locations, making it a go-to choice. Ideal for flat […]

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Ensuring Longevity for Your Stage Pads

stage pads

Maintaining your wall and stage pads is crucial for preserving their professional appearance and extending their lifespan. Why invest in a top-notch system only to neglect the upkeep and risk losing that polished look? Here are two recommended care steps to keep your wall and stage pads in pristine condition: Regularly wipe the indoor pads […]

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Safe Play, Team Spirit: Custom Padding for Every Field!

Our rugged, adaptable, and safeguarding padding is crafted for diverse playing fields, catering to baseball and softball facilities. Whether for backstops, dugout rails or various applications, this customizable padding seamlessly integrates with your facility’s team spirit, earning praise from both players and fans! Ensuring a secure playing environment is vital, and our protective facility padding […]

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