Versatile Padding Solutions

brick wall sport padding

Tailor-made protection for every surface and setting — even for a fake brick wall!

Discover one of our most versatile padding products, offering optimal protection for outdoor use on almost any surface. Widely embraced by teams and athletic facilities, this padding adapts to various sports and locations, making it a go-to choice. Ideal for flat walls, backdrops, columns, doorways, and overhead obstructions, the applications are limitless.

Tailor your installation with options including:

  • Foams: Polyurethane or Cross-link Polyethylene
  • Outdoor plywood backing thickness: 1/2” or 3/4”
  • Foam thicknesses ranging from 1” to 4”
  • Attachments for walls, chain link fences, or concrete
  • Z-Channel attachments for wood or concrete walls
  • Washer attachments for chain link fences
  • Available in standard and customized sizes
  • Padding covered with 18 oz. vinyl, offering a choice of 17 colors

Elevate your padding further with Chroma-Bond® or Chroma-Bond® Digital Imprinting, providing infinite possibilities to brand your pads!

For your distinctive padding needs, we’ve got the ideal solution. 

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