Supreme Field Defense with PRO-Tector® Field Covers

ProTector Field Cover on Baseball Diamond

Elevate your clients’ field protection with PRO-Tector® Field Covers! These cutting-edge covers, designed with unrivaled durability, ensure top-notch field conditions in any weather.

Game-Changing Features:

Versatile Size Options

  • PRO-Tector® covers come in various sizes, providing versatile coverage for distinct zones, be it the outfield, diamond, or the entire field.

Effortless Application and Removal

  • Simplify maintenance with covers that are easy to put on and take off, ensuring efficient protection for both natural grass and artificial turf.

Game-Ready Fields, Anytime

  • Equip your clients with PRO-Tector® covers for fields that stay game-ready, allowing teams to play irrespective of the challenges posed by Mother Nature.

Invest in PRO-Tector® Field Covers today to enhance your inventory with unparalleled protection!

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